VISION: Imani believes that music connects people. Imani Winds Foundation will attempt to steer the national conversation on instrumental music by creating and commissioning new music, training and interacting with the next generations of musicians, and implementing projects that highlight and strengthen the rich diversity of chamber music .

MISSION STATEMENT: Imani Winds Foundation exists to create meaningful connections through music.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Imani Winds Foundation is non-profit organization that assists Imani Winds in guiding the direction of instrumental music through the creating of new music, mentorship of burgeoning musicians, composers and promoting the living, expanding art form of classical music.

PEOPLE SERVED: Through the commissioning of new works and the producing of concerts the Foundation will serve the audience who hears the music either in concert or through recordings. It will also serve the young musicians and composers who are mentored and taught through such projects as the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival and other community engagement initiatives the foundation supports.


Tax-deductible contributions can be made through our non-profit, 501(c)3, Imani Winds Foundation via online - click here - or by personal check, made payable to Imani Winds Foundation and sent to:

Imani Winds Foundation
123 West 128th St. Apt. 1
New York, NY 10027